Why do many believe too much of being alone is not good for the wellbeing of a person when the best of me is brought out when I am alone?
As I sip chamomile tea by my bedside writing poems and reading good books, I am convinced they are wrong.
Being alone is extraordinary.
I learn to love who I am and not get distracted by people who tear me down causing me to have to lift myself off of the rough pavement I call suffering.
You do not know what is best for me.
You do not know how I feel.
You do not know I am on the verge of a collapse due to the ignorance I am surrounded by.
I am slowly going down, down, down..
When my cure is so simple and as fragile as the minds who suspect and may know,
When all I really want to do is be alone.

A state of uneasiness washes over me
Every day
From the moment I hear the sound of my own breath as I awake
Until the moment I hear the last before I lay asleep
A constant, ongoing pattern
That I pray and wish to fade away
Whether very quickly or very slowly
Just fade away, go
Leave me be.

© T H E M E